Our Mission

We are a Family run business who truly believe and are extremely passionate about the benefits of CBD and it's entire Family of Cannabinoids, most of us here also consume CBD as a daily supplement for various reasons and have first hand experience with trying and testing a vast array of CBD products in many forms. Hence our name, CBD and Family, referring not just to us, but the entire spectrum of Cannabinoids that work harder together, just as our family does. 

The awareness of these benefits is ever growing stronger in the UK today and we feel it is vitally important ensure that quality, safe, effective products are available to YOU and everyone else who seeks them.

We have come across too much mis-selling, too many false promises and too many over priced products in the UK CBD industry today, even amongst some of the most popular brands of CBD. With many larger companies trying to 'cash in' with expensive marketing campaigns, expensive branding and ultimately very expensive products, it can be hard for consumers to understand why the price is so high, and it often gives the impression of "If it costs more, it must be a superior product" which in most cases just isn't true with CBD.

When you shop with us as you can trust that you are getting the same top quality products as a lot of these brands, with an affordable price tag. With 3rd party lab testing carried out in Certified UK labs for each of our products, you can also be sure that they are safe to consume, and the potency matches the label :)

We strongly encourage you to contact us with any questions about our products, or CBD in general to see how we can help.

Contact us directly on 07523866341, message us on Facebook @CBDFamilyOfficial or send us an email to customerservice@cbd-family.co.uk and we will typically respond within a few hours.